Rouge Park Golf Course

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One of the unique benefits of life in the Warrendale neighborhood is our access to Rouge Park and the Rouge Park Golf Course. There aren’t many neighborhoods in the Detroit area that the kind of recreational opportunities that these two venues provide. I would add that the course is one aspect that I don’t believe enough residents and visitors give as much appreciation as it really deserves.

With that in mind, I want to provide readers with an overview of the Rouge Park Golf Course and its 97-year history.

The History.
This course opened in 1928 as a part of the City of Detroit Park System with only the front nine holes available to play. The remaining nine holes were completed in 1929, according to a report published by WDET-FM.

Design of this course is generally attributed to Donald Ross (1872 – 1948), who was one of the most influential designers of the early-20th century. One has to say that Rouge Park is attributed to him because - like many of the facilities built in the 1920s - there are no surviving records establishing the Rouge Park designer with certainty.

With that said, Donald Ross is known to have worked in the Detroit area during the late-1920s. Also, the course has all the hallmarks of his designs. This includes a short walk from one hole to the next, the careful use of crowned bunkers, and an abundance of curves.

The Course.
Located at the northern end of the 1,181-acre Rouge Park, this is a par 72 course that uses the Rouge River as a water hazard eight times. Its 15th hole, for example, is nicknamed the Water Monster for its propensity to eat golf balls from even the most experienced golfers.

After years of neglect as Detroit’s fortunes kept getting worse, the course was renovated recently. Several bridges over the river were replaced. Invasive vegetation was removed and trees were renovated. A new $190,000 pavilion was also constructed.

Two of the most frequently asked questions about the Rouge Park Golf Course are:
  1. Where can I get a scorecard for the course?
  2. How to book a tee time for the course?
One can download a scorecard by clicking here.

As for a tee time, one may schedule it online by visiting this website.

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