Friday, January 03, 2020

Tech training in Detroit

Computer technology - Photo by Daniel Agrelo/Pixabay
Early this morning, the folks at WalletHub released a report that named Detroit the worst city in America to find a job in. I posted my analysis and commentary about it over here. A few minutes after that post went live, I received an email announcing that one of the country’s largest free tech training programs, NPower, is launching in Detroit this month.

NPower providing free tech work training to minorities, former felons and veterans right from their location in the New Center area.

They have already empowered neglected communities in Baltimore, Harlem, Brooklyn, Jersey City, St. Louis and Dallas. They offer programs that teach basic coding skills, cyber security, and tech fundamentals. The nonprofit has had so much success in these cities, they’ve now launched in Detroit.

In Detroit and Southeast Michigan, NPower will connect young adults from some of the most dangerous and impoverished neighborhoods to the fast-growing companies in the area who are in urgent need of tech workers. Equipping these students with tech skills will also help bring new business into the city.

NPower’s new Executive Director - Camille Walker Banks - is a Detroit native. She has more than 20 years of experience creating 5,000 new jobs and generating $5.5B in capital investment for the city.

Anyway, the fact that all of this happened right after that other was report was released about the job market in Detroit’s inner city. Quite frankly, I think this re-enforces my earlier point that Detroiters need to keep plugging along. If we do that, I’m confident that the improvements that we need to happen will happen.

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