Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mayor Duggan celebrates the Stategic Neighborhood Initiative

Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit recently commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Stategic Neighborhoods Initiative. This is a public-private partnership to improve some of the neighborhoods in our city, such as Warrendale.

This initiative got a large boost recently. The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation announced a $10 million grant to support the neighborhoods in Detroit. Those funds will go towards citywide development of our ten targetedneighborhoods on streetscapes, commercial corridors, and parks.

"We are improving neighborhoods in Detroit for Detroiters," Duggan commented.

They and our other corporate partners have already made an incredible impact, and it is my hope that others will join us in continuing our mission of creating a stronger Detroit for everyone.
Mayor Duggan's team posted a video of his remarks about the Stategic Neighborhoods Initiative to his Facebook page.

I have embedded this video above. I encourage everyone to take a moment to watch it.

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