Thursday, October 24, 2019

WXYZ-TV features a Warrendale community garden in a news segment

WXYZ-TV featured the In Memory Of Community Garden (6551 Minock St.) in a news segment yesterday evening.They mentioned the impact that it has had on our portion of Detroit; transforming a series of vacant lots into an asset for the Warrendale neighborhood. The best part, in my opinion, is that they also highlighted one of the things that makes this community garden different from any of the other ones.

The In Memory Of Community Garden is the first, and so far only, garden to partner with the Detroit Detroit Police Department on their Project Greenlight campaign. This means that there are surveillance cameras on the property that silently monitor the streets around it. The video feed from those cameras, of course, is monitored by DPD headquarters.

This enables the garden to act as both a deterrent to crime and also as a tool for police to identify any situations that they need to respond to. This is one more thing to help keep Warrendale safe.

Prior to this, the Project Greenlight locations have mostly been gas stations, liquor stores, and other commercial structures along the main corridors. This leaves the residential side streets vulnerable and its a vulnerability that is only made worse when criminals who want to avoid the Greenlight cameras start cutting through side streets.

The hope is that with more of these participating locations coming onto residential side streets, there will be fewer criminals cutting through to avoid surveillance on the main strips.

I, for one look forward to seeing more of these cameras in residential areas.

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