Friday, October 04, 2019

My rant about publicists

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I feel a need to rant about something related to this blog. To be specific, I feel a need to talk about publicists.

The Warrendale Detroit Blog has gained a reputation an influential social media site over the past 14 years. As a result, I receive multiple emails from one publicist or another pretty much every day who is looking for me to cover one thing or another for them.

These requests or pitches from publicists in the Detroit area as well as nationally and even internationally from time to time. Most of these contacts are professional and are appreciated, even if I don't always feel like they are the best fit for this blog.

However, I was contacted by two publicists today who possessed a level of dumbassitude that was simply on another level.

I had to tell one particular publicist this afternoon that the Warrendale Detroit Blog does not normally cover community events in Chula Vista, California. I suppose if it were a big enough story that Detroiters would be interested in it, I might cover it. However, a community health fair that is held more than 2,300 miles away does not even come close to meeting such a threshold.

This, by the way, was right after having to tell a different publicist from New York that Detroit, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa are not in the same time zone. Not. Even. Close.

Anyway, I mention all of this purely in hope that others will see the comedy in this stupidity.

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