Tuesday, September 24, 2019

One more reason to build a municipal speeedway in Detroit

Ferrari 458 Spider - Photo by Toby Parsons/Pixbay
In May of last year, I published an article that argued for five different reasons why the Detroit Grand Prix should be moved off Bells Isle and over to a municipally-owned speedway. Those reassons boiled down to money, more money, even more money, still more money, and Detroit's image.

I still stand behind every one of those reasons. They are just as true and just as important today as they were in 2018, if not more so. Regardless, I would like to add one more reason why Detroit should build a municipally-owned speedway and move the Grand Prix to it: saefty on our residential streets and in the parks.

If there's one thing that everyone soon realizes living outside of the more gentrified neighborhoods of Detroit, it's that this city has a huge problem with thrill-seeking speeders. Whether they are in cars, on motorcycles, or anything else that moves, there is a large section of the (almost always) male population in Detroit who have a strong desire to drive really, really fast.

Right now, those individuals drive through our residential streets or, ocassionally, through Rouge Park and some of the other larger parks in Detroit. In doing so, these thrill-seeking motorists not only put themselves in danger but also everyone else who share those same roads. Plus, they create one heck of a nuisancee as they tear through neighborhoods at all hours of the night.

If there was location where they could safely do all of this - like, for example, a municipally-owned speedway - then they would have a much better alternative to speeding through residential streets in Detroit. The speedway could charge them few bucks for the privilledge to cover their costs. I'm sure most of these guys would rather pay a few bucks to some speedway than risk having to pay a few hundred dollars in fines for reckless driving; not to mention having their ride impounded by the police.

And with them elsewhere, the residents of Detroit's neighborhoods can enjoy a quieter, safer community.

So, there it is.

My now six reasons why Detroit should move the Grand Prix off Belle Isle and over to a municipally-owned speedway are money, more money, even more money, still more money, Detroit's image, and safer neighborhoods.

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