Friday, September 27, 2019

Bridging Neighborhoods brings its 20th homeowner to Warrendale

It was a bright sunny day when neighors, dignataries, and TV cameras joined together to welcome the 20th Bridging Neighborhoods familty to Warrendale. Mayor Mike Duggan and Council Member Gabe Leland, who represents Warrendale and the surrounding neighborhoods in Detroit, were both on hand for this event.

I wrote about the Bridging Neighborhoods program back in December of last year. The program is a simple yet powerful idea.

Homeowners who are impacted by the new Gordie Howe International Bridge in Del Ray to move to more stable neighborhoods in Detroit like Warrendale. Those who participate trade their existing home for a completely renovated, energy-efficient one in a better neighborhood. The City even provides them with a stipend to cover their moving expenses.

Detroiters who partiicipate in the Bridging Neighbors program benefit from a better home in a better neighborhood. Residents in neighborhoods like Warrendale because it means that a few previously vacant homes are renovated and occupied by a new owner.

The city as a whole benefits because greater population density in the neighborhoods makes it easier to attract new residents and businesses. A more dense population also makes it easier for the local government to provide city services to all who need them.

I'm glad that this program is continuing. I join many others in welcoming these Detroiters to Warrendale.

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