Sunday, February 24, 2019

Windstorm knocks down trees in Warrendale

Fallen tree - Image from Pixabay

The windstorm that we are currently experiencing brings with a possibility that trees may be knocked down. If anyone sees a fallen tree in the neighborhood, please report it to the City of Detroit's Forestry Division by using the Improve Detroit app or by calling their emergency response number at (313) 590-3336.

Crews are currently in the field responding to such calls. They will remain out there for as long as they are needed.

The City of Detroit has three different priority levels for situations like this:

  1. Trees that are blocking streets will be cleared first regardless of whether it's one that was on city or private property;
  2. Trees from city property that are blocking driveways or doors at homes are their next priority; and
  3. Trees and branches that are down but not blocking anything are their lowest priority.
Again, anyone who sees a fallen tree in the Warrendale area is asked to report it via the Improve Detroit app or by calling (313) 590-3336.

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