Friday, February 01, 2019

Prepare for floods, Detroiters

Flooding | Stock photo from Pixabay
During the next three days, the weather forecast shows a rapid change in the temperatures – a possible 60-degree swing – and expected rainfall starting Sunday. Both of these factors bring the possibility of severe flooding. The Detroit Water & Sewerage Department encourages residents and businesses to follow the recommended tips this weekend and into the upcoming week.

  • Call DWSD at (313) 267-8000 if you see standing, gushing or bubbling water;
  • Avoid driving through standing water;
  • Clear snow, ice and debris from above and around the catch basins (storm drains) near your property; offer to help nearby senior citizens do the same;
  • Look at your downspouts and remove any snow or debris that may be at the point where the water exits;
  • Move snow away from the outside walls of your house or building. Rapid snowmelt could seep into basement walls that are not properly sealed;
  • Check your basement drain to make sure it's not clogged. Any water that enters your basement needs to drain properly;
  • Stay clear of standing water in your basement if the area includes electrical appliances, outlets, or a fuse box.

DWSD appreciates the patience of residents and businesses as we respond to an increase in water main breaks during and following the deep freeze. They temporarily re-assigned staff who normally work on sewer maintenance to assist with assessing and repairing the pipes. More than 200 DWSD employees are working in the field.

With temperatures rising today and into the weekend, DWSD and its contractors are now able to work on the backlog of repairing the water mains. It was unsafe for crews to perform underground repairs during extremely cold temperatures. Crews will be working through the weekend.

Report street flooding by calling DWSD at (313) 267-8000, or use the Improve Detroit SeeClickFix mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

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