Friday, January 04, 2019

Tlaib sparks controversy in Congress

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib - File photo

U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI 13) sparked controversy recently when she said, "we're going to go in there and we're going to impeach the motherf*cker." She was, of course, referring to President Donald J. Trump.

Since these words were uttered, there has been a considerable amount of criticism of Tlaib for her use of profanity. Examples of this can be found here and here.

Since Tlaib represents the Warrendale and surrounding neighborhoods in Detroit, I wanted to comment on this controversy.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised that there is any controversy about these comments from Tlaib at all - especially from the Trump Administration or its supporters. After all, throughout the 2016 campaign, one of the things that conservative voters said that they loved about Trump was that "he speaks his mind" and that he "wasn't afraid to be politically incorrect."

The comments about impeaching Trump were simply Tlaib speaking her mind and being politically incorrect. This is supposed to be something that they like; not something that they condemn.

I guess they only like it when certain people speak their mind and/or are politically incorrect.

Oh, well.

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