Monday, December 10, 2018

Recreational marijuana comes to Detroit

Marijuana plant - Photo from Pixabay
Voters across Michigan approved a ballot initiative last month that decriminalizes, regulates, and taxes the recreational use of marijuana in our state. This legislation took effect last week. Regardless of this movement at the state level, there are still a multitude of federal statutes, regulations, and ordinances that impact how, when, and where an adult can use marijuana with minimal risk of criminal prosecution.

This is because there is still much about the law that remains unclear; not the least of which are the various laws that are passed down from the federal government. I believe it is, therefore, important for anyone with an interest in marijuana to know these details.

Luckily, the Detroit Police Department and the Board of Police Commissioners will have an information meeting this coming Thursday, December 13 at the McGregor Conference Center on the campus of Wayne State University. This meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

Free parking will be available in the Law School Parking Lot (475 W. Palmer), which is just north of the McGregor Conference Center. The Wayne State campus is also accessible from the Warrendale neighborhood via the Warren Avenue bus. More information is available on bus routes and schedules here.

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