Monday, December 03, 2018

Celebrating Christmas - Downton Abey style

Highclere Castle in England (shooting location for Downton Abbey) - Stock photo from Pixabay
I was surfing the internet earlier this afternoon, wondering what I should write about for my third installment of Blogmas. One news item soon captured my attention like no other even though it had absolutely no connection to either the Warrendale neighborhood in particular nor Detroit in general.

There will be a Christmas ball on December 15 at Highclere Castle in England, which is where the television series Downton Abbey was filmed. Plus, the public is invited to it.

Tickets to this Christmas ball at Highclere Castle/Downtown Abbey are currently on sale and they're only the equivalent of $624 per person with airfare and other accommodations not included. An absolute bargain, if only I could afford it.

I love English history. I loved the Downtown Abbey television series. The Christmas ball that they intend to hold there next week looks like it will be amazing. It is, unfortunately, just a tad bit more than what the average blogger could afford to spend on an evening regardless of how amazing that evening would be.

For half a second, I thought about trying to raise the funds to go. I could sell some stuff on eBay, launch a Kickstarter campaign, and accumulate an obscene amount of credit card debt in order to go. With a bit of time, though, my fantasy soon gave way to the cold, hard reality.

I'm confident that I will visit Highclere Castle to see where Downtown Abbey was filmed. There's even a chance that I may one day attend a Christmas ball there. However, it simply isn't in the cards for it to happen next week.

Oh, well.

I'll live. Moreover, I will continue to do so happily, even though I will have to settle for seeing photos and videos of the Christmas ball at Highclere Castle on social media.

If anyone is so interested, one can read more about the Christmas ball at Downton Abbey here. One can also learn more about the history of Highclere Castle and its 5,000-acre estate over here.

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