Sunday, November 04, 2018

Three bits of good news

Artists depiction of the Core of Cygnus A - Public domain image from NASA
I feel like bad news, division, and drama have been dominating our news cycles forever. Therefore, I want to share three bits of good news with everyone this morning.

First, a new astronomical survey was recently published, which confirmed that the planet Jupiter has 10 newly discovered moons. This brings the number of confirmed moons in orbit around Jupiter up to 69. (Insert your own filthy joke about 69 moons here.)

Second, speaking of moons, Robert Zubrin, a rocket scientist and president of The Mars Society, has unveiled plans for low-cost colonies on our Moon. His proposal can be found in the summer/fall issue of The New Atlantis.

Finally, on the subject of cool sciency stuff, my science-fiction novel The Roswell Chronicles is currently available on in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Oh, wait - did I just bury the lede?

Yes, I wrote a science-fiction novel and it has been published.

My novel is called The Roswell Chronicles and it's the first book in a planned series that is also entitled The Roswell Chronicles.

The Roswell Chronicles series tells the story of Samantha Haut and her cousins as they find themselves caught between a group of greedy Wall Street bankers and some pissed off aliens from outer space.

Ever since the Roswell crash in 1947, the Haut family has secretly held onto a series of journals that contain details of advanced alien technology. Whenever the family has needed money, they quietly sold one of the inventions in those pages.

This is fine until an investment banking executive learns about these journals, steals them, and begins selling the technology much faster to generate more profits.

The problem here is that the Haut family was never supposed to have those journals. They were supposed to be returned to the aliens more than a half-century ago under the terms of the secret Roswell Treaty between the aliens and the United States government. If and when the aliens learn that those journals are still in existence - which becomes much more likely once a whole bunch of their technology hits the market - they will undoubtedly be back.

And they won't be happy.

The Roswell Chronicles is currently available on

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