Monday, October 15, 2018

Travel tip: Use a resort pass to take a vacation on the cheap

Tropical vacation - Stock photo from Pixabay
Looking to get away at a resort this winter but not break the bank?

Consider using a resort pass for a day from DayCation.  What is a resort pass? It’s a pass that gives you access to a resort or hotel’s amenities for a single day without having to book a stay at full price. This way you can lounge at the pool or go to the spa as if you were a regular guest. offers great deals on resort passes in popular locations such as Miami, New York, and even Nassau, Jamaica.

A resort pass (also known as a day pass) is basically the best way to enjoy a daycation without spending a fortune. For instance, you can stay at a lower tiered hotel but access the facilities of a nearby luxury resort of your choosing. This allows you to save money for other aspects of your trip or vacation. Or, if you live in the local area, a resort pass is a great way for you to take a quick staycation, but still feel like you are getting away from the daily grind.

How does a day pass work? First, you locate the hotel/resort that has the amenities you want and book your ticket.  Second, you check in at the front desk as you would as if you were a normal guest. You will need to bring your ID and show a confirmation e-mail. Third, enjoy the amenities for the rest of the day! It’s that easy.

A resort pass is the most affordable option for travelers on any budget, whether you want to check out a cabana in Miami or go to a spa in a luxurious New York hotel. With a resort pass, you can relax and enjoy a hotel for a day. 

Enjoying a DayCation is your tip of the week for the week of October 15.

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