Monday, September 03, 2018

How to take out of this world selfies

Visiting the Christmas Tree Cluster - Photo by Frank Nemecek (with help from NASA)
In an era that is truly dominated by social media, there's no getting over the fact that selfies are a ubiquitous part of Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter. This creates a certain amount of pressure for people to take a truly spectacular selfie.

A selfie that is, to put it either figurately or in this case literally, out of this world.

To help with such a selfie, my dear readers, I would like to introduce you to the NASA Selfies app. This free app, which is available from either the App Store or the Play Store, takes a selfie like the one that I featured above.

My friends may have posted selfies from the beach or some music festival. I, however, got to post a selfie from the Christmas Tree Cluster - a group of new stars in the Monoceros constellation this is located approximately 2,600 light years from Earth. I don't think anyone can top an out of this world selfie like this.

The NASA Selfie app is incredibly easy to use. Besides the Christmas Tree Cluster, one can also take a photo of one's self at the Triangulum Galaxy as well as:

  • Andromeda Galaxy;
  • Antennae Galaxies;
  • Arp 142 Galaxies;
  • Cassiopeia A;
  • Cigar Galaxy;
  • Crab Nebula;
  • Eta Caninae Star Forming Region;
  • Galactic Center;
  • Helix Nebula;
  • IDCS J1426 Galaxy Cluster;
  • Large Magellanic Cloud;
  • Meisser 78;
  • Meisser 81;
  • Milky Way;
  • Mountains of Creation;
  • North America Nebula;
  • Orion Nebula;
  • Perseus Nebula;
  • Pleiades Star Cluster;
  • RCW Star Forming Region;
  • Rho Ophiuchi;
  • Serpens Cloud Core;
  • Sombrero Galaxy;
  • Spider Nebula;
  • Spitzer Space Telescope;
  • Trifid Nebula;
  • W33 Star Forming Region; and
  • W5 Star Forming Region.
All of this makes the NASA Selfies app a really cool thing to have on one's smartphone.

The NASA Selfies app, therefore, is your Tip of the Week for the week of September 3, 2018. Please check back next week for another tip on making your life just a little bit better.

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