Friday, November 10, 2017

Detroit may sell Rackham Golf Course

Golf - Photo by C. Flart

In yesterday's issue of The Detroit News, the City of Detroit is considering the possibility of selling or otherwise disposing of the Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods. The revenue generated from such a sale, according to the article, would be used to renovate the public golf courses at Rouge Park and at Chandler Park, which is on the east side of Detroit.

I want to say that I fully support this idea. In fact, I proposed something similar to this five years ago when the City of Detroit was on its way into bankruptcy. My original post on the subject is available here.

The Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods is a marvelous facility. It's a tremendous course that golfers love to play and a beautiful piece of local history. It is, however, located in Huntington Woods; not Detroit.

The public golf courses at Rouge Park and Chandler Park, in my opinion, should be a much higher priority for the City of Detroit than such a facility in the suburbs.

I applaud Mayor Mike Duggan and his administration for considering this idea. I encourage the various members of the Detroit City Council to support this idea.

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