Thursday, July 13, 2017

Remembering the Twin Pines Dairy

The Twin Pines Farm Dairy used to have one of their main production facilities near the Warrendale neighborhood. It was on Greenfield Rd. north of Tireman in Detroit and produced milk for much of the region.

More than a few people ask when did the dairy close or whatever happened to it. The dairy itself is still operating at the same location. Although, the Twin Pines brand was absorbed into the C.F. Burger Creamery on May 1, 1986 according to filings with the State of Michigan.

As a matter of full disclosure, I should mention that once upon a time, this dairy supplied my grade school with milk for our lunches. I used to volunteer to get said milk for my classroom, mostly because it enabled me to get out of class a few minutes early.

Around 11:15 each morning, a milk truck would pull into the school parking lot where it would deliver crate after crate of regular and chocolate milk for my classmates and myself. I dutifully lugged our milk back to my classroom content that this was a thousand times more enjoyable than listening to some nun drone on about whatever our lesson was that day.

As a sidenote, I used to wonder what was wrong with any kid who ordered regular milk when they could have gotten chocolate milk. I mean, really. Everyone knows that chocolate milk is the best milk.

I was intrigued, therefore, when I found a video from 1957, which I embedded above. It documents both the work that the City of Detroit Health Department used to do to ensure the milk was safe as well as Twin Pines Farm Dairy itself.

This was produced more than a dozen years before I was even born. Regardless, I could still taste the milk from my childhood as I watched it.

And now, I have this sudden desire to haul a somewhat heavy crate up a flight of stairs. Some memories never die.

I hope you enjoy this Warrendale Memory as much as I do.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Rooster in Warrendale?

The rooster in question
Photo by Paula Sharpe
Is anyone in the neighborhood missing a rooster?

I ask because one has shown up in the vicinity of Paul and Warwick Streets. It does seem a bit odd.

Yes, I did say a rooster. Yes, it is here in Detroit.

This, by the way, isn't the first time that a rooster has been seen in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit, although the last time was almost 11 years ago. The folks over at Animal Corner tell me that the average lifespan of a chicken is only 5 -7 years so I doubt it is the same bird returning for another photo op.

Still, it is most unusual to see a rooster wandering free in the streets of Detroit. I'm just glad that someone sent me a photo of it while he's here.