Thursday, December 15, 2016

Man gets 40-82 years for murdering a firefighter in Warrendale

David Madrigal - Photo from the Detroit Firefighters Association
David Madrigal was a resident of the Warrendale neighborhood who lived on Vaughn Street and served as a Detroit firefighter for 26 years. He was murdered in his sleep last December. I wrote about this crime previously here.

One of three persons charged in Madrigal's murder, Timmy Lynn Soto of Detroit, was sentenced yesterday to 40 - 82 years in prison for this crime. A second individual, Christian Rasnick of Trenton, is scheduled to be sentenced later today. The third and final individual allegedly involved in this murder, Nicole O'Neill of Detroit, is scheduled for trial in March.

The Detroit Free Press has more on this story here.

I pray that these convictions and long prison sentences help to bring peace to the family that David Madrigal was forced to leave behind.

Update @ 7:43 p.m.

The second of three individuals to be charged in David Madrigal's murder was sentenced today. Christian Rasnick of Trenton was sentenced to 10 - 30 years in prison for his connection with this killing.

A video from his sentencing is available below.