Monday, June 20, 2016

Friends of Rouge Park to meet tomorrow evening

The Detroit-based nonprofit community group Friends of Rouge Park will have their next general membership meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 21 from 6-7 p.m. The group will meet in the Don Bosco Center (9356 Westwood St.), which is a half mile north of the Warrendale neighborhood.

This meeting will feature a presentation of the Detroit Recreation Department's Park Improvement Plan by Juliana Fulton.

Upcoming events in Rouge Park include:

  • June 18 - Revive Detroit Get out the Vote;
  • July 23 - Stay Fit for Health Run/Walk;
  • August 7 - Butterfly Walk; and
  • September 9 - Stone Bridge Nature Trail Grand Opening.
Everyone interested in the future of the largest park in Detroit is welcome to attend this meeting.

Guest column: Summer safety tips

Please share with family and friends the following summer safety tips:

  1. Drink water;
  2. Visit elderly people who live alone;
  3. While vacationing, have mail and newspaper deliveries stopped;
  4. Ladies: have a used pair of men's work boots on your porch;
  5. Call your local police department and have your home placed on special attention
  6. Place an alarm company sign in the front yard;
  7. Surveillance cameras are helpful on the home;
  8. Cut shrubs, trees, and grass on a regular basis;
  9. Introduce yourself to neighbors and tell them what you want them to know (i.e. my nephew is a police commissioner);
  10. Have your lighting/sprinkler system on a timer;
  11. Fireworks are dangerous, be careful;
  12. Basketball hoops and illegally opened fire hydrants should be reported immediately;
  13. Squatting is illegal, call the police;
  14. Don't get directly involved in police a good witness instead;
  15. When throwing away boxes from expensive purchases, reduce boxes to fit in trash cans;
  16. Get a shredder for old paperwork to reduce the chance of identity theft;
  17. Change up your travel pattern, times of departure and arrival times;
  18. Stop telling people all of your business;
  19. Don't volunteer information over the telephone; and
  20. Don't leave items you care about to be kept in open view for all to see

IMPORTANT: This is going to be a hot summer.....please look after each other!!!!

This guest column was submitted by Commissioner Ricardo Moore, who represents the Warrendale and surrounding neighborhoods on the Detroit Police Commission.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Triple murder on the west side of Detroit

Police officers respond to shooting - Photo by Frank Nemecek
There was a shooting this morning at 6523 Brace St. that resulted in three people being killed. The location is a known drug house, according to published news reports.

Police officers stress that they are very early into their investigation. However, it appears that an unknown individual or individuals entered the home at approximately 5:30 this morning through a basement window in the backyard of the home. The shooter then executed two individuals who were asleep before fatally shooting a third man who was standing outside in the driveway.

After word spread through the neighborhood of this shooting, a crowd of more than 100 people began to congregate outside of this home. The Detroit Police Department, with assistance from the Michigan State Police, managed to maintain order. People were allowed to watch from a distance, but had to had to stay behind a taped-off area to preserve evidence.

This investigation is still on-going. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Detroit Police Department.