Monday, March 07, 2016

Tip of the week: 3 tips to prevent buglaries

Editor's note: this column was sent in by Commissioner Ricardo Moore, who represents the Warrendale and surrounding areas on the Detroit Police Commission. It was originally authored by Investigator Brian Fountain of the Detroit Police Department.

Being proactive is the key to preventing home break-ins. There are only two ways to enter the home - a door or a window.

Tip 1: Secure the doors
Photo by Brian Lary
First and foremost, all exterior doors should be made of solid wood or metal. Hollow doors can be punched out.

The best locks to attach on the doors are deadbolt locks with a one inch bolt. Shorter bolts can be pried out of the door jamb.

The strike plate and the hinges are the keys to your doors not being forced open or kicked in. The strike plate and hinge screws should be long enough to reach the wall studs (usually, three to four inches).

This will help to protect the doors against a forced entry attack.

Tip 2: Secure the windows
All windows should be alarmed or have bolt locking devices attached. Window bolt locks can be purchased for under $20 at the large home improvement stores.

You can put a nail between the two sashes on double hung windows or put a block of wood in the window to keep them from being forced open.

Security bars are an option, but keep in mind one set should be installed inside the home and a child should be able to unlock them and get out in case of a fire.

Basement windows should be alarmed or changed over to glass block windows.

Tip 3: Watch for suspicious people
Burglars will always knock on your door before they break in. Watch for suspicious persons or cars and report them to 9-1-1 as soon as you are sure they are casing the neighborhood.

IMPORTANT: Your safety is law enforcement's first priority!

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