Monday, March 07, 2016

Rest in peace Ray Tomlinson, inventor of email

Ray Tomlinson - Photo by Andreu Vea
Ray Tomlinson passed away this past Saturday at the age of 74 from an apparent heart attack. Back in 1971, he invented the modern system of email.

He was, according to those who knew him, a very kind, decent, and humble man; one who left his mark on the world, even if most people never knew who he was.

The passing of Ray Tomlinson brings me a certain extra sadness since most of the people who read this blog do so as a result of email alerts that they receive when I publish something.

Earlier this morning, I decided to pay tribute to him by simply sending an email to a few people that I haven't spoken to in awhile. I mention who he was and essentially used it as an icebreaker to say hello to a few souls where time and distance have gotten in the way of our friendship; all sent in a message to their Ray Tomlinson-invented in-boxes.

The responses that I have gotten back have been nothing but touching. Every one of them has brought a smile to my face.

Therefore, as a tribute to the man who invented email, I want to challenge everyone who reads this to send an email to someone who has slipped out of your life. Feel free to mention Ray Tomlinson and his story and just say hello to them.

Because everyone can use an extra smile or two in their day.

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