Monday, April 13, 2015

Crime prevention tips

There are several things that ordinary residents can do to prevent crime in our neighborhood. Detroit Police Commissioner Ricardo Moore offers these suggestions on how to keep Detroit safe.

Make sure neighborhoods are clean
As someone who lives in Warrendale, I know how much of a pain in the butt to keep cleaning up all of trash that blows onto your lawn. The consequences of not doing it, though, are far worse.

Not only does it make things look bad, it also sends a message to would-be criminals that this is an area where they are free to operate.

Remove blight
City Councilman Gabe Leland has a lot of great tips for dealing with blight.

Illegal dumping should be reported to the Ombudsman by calling (313) 224-6000. Please provide them with the location of the dump site as well as any information you might have about the day and time trash was last dumped there. Also, if you have any information about who was doing this dumping, please share that as well.

More information about removing blight is available on the City of Detroit's website here.

Ensure vacant lots are clean and free of debris
This is simply an extension of keeping the neighborhood clean.

Street lights should be working
Most of the streetlights in Warrendale are currently working, since the City replaced them last year. However, if you find one that isn't in working order, please report it by calling (313) 324-8290.

Good lighting deters crime.

Lighting should be in alleys
In the Warrendale neighborhood, this mostly applies to commercial properties, such as those along W. Warren Avenue.

Again, good lighting deters crime.

Jason Bourne had situational awareness
Cell phone usage should be kept to a minimum in public places
This relates to monitoring one's surrounding, which I'll discuss in more detail below.

Monitor your surroundings
In the military, we called this "situational awareness." Whether you're dealing with Soviet troops from way back in the day who want to kill you or simply some guy who wants to steal your stuff, it's a lot harder to do if you are paying attention to your surroundings at all times.

My friends at the Art of Manliness have a few tips on maintaining this level of awareness available here. They talk about keeping things at Jason Bourne levels, but there is a lot of good advice in it.

Know your neighbors and learn their habits
There are so many reasons to get to know your neighbors. From a crime prevention standpoint, though, it makes it easier to watch out for one another.

Shrubbery should be trimmed
Tall shrubs provide a place for criminals to hide. This is especially true when the shrubs are close to the home. Denying criminals a place to hide makes it harder for them to prey upon us, which make it less likely that they'll do so.

My thanks go out to Commissioner Ricardo Moore for sharing this tips.

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