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Beautiful people of Detroit

The folks at Travel and Leisure magazine released a poll recently, which claimed that Detroit was home to the least attractive people in the nation while Miami was home to the most attractive. I have absolutely nothing against Miami or its beautiful residents. However, I have to take issue with the notion that Detroiters are unattractive.

Kirsten Haglund - Photo by Matt Billings
Granted, my fat face may not be the most attractive around, but there lots of beautiful women in Detroit. I mean, really - there's a reason why I choose to live in this town and it's not the reasonably priced auto insurance, stellar city services, nor absence of crime. It's the people who keep me here.

For the benefit of anyone from Travel and Leisure who finds their way to my blog via one of the search engines, please allow me to cite a few examples that you presumably missed.

Kirsten Haglund was Miss America 2008 and she is from Detroit. She is also currently president of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation, which provides hope, network, and financial aid to those seeking treatment and freedom from eating disorders. She has also appeared on Hannity, Red-Eye, Fox and Friends Weekend, and The Real Story on Fox News Channel where she talks about women's health issues.

Not to be outdone, Rima Fakih was Miss USA 2010. She was the first Arab American who to hold that title.

Rima Fakih also lives a mere three miles away from Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood in the nearby community of Dearborn, Michigan.

Rima Fakih - U.S. Air Force photo
To put this tidbit into perspective, one has to go all the way to 1967 in order to find someone from the Miami area who won the Miss USA pageant, in spite of Travel and Leisure's claim that they are home to the most attractive people in the nation. In contrast, three different women, including Rima Fakih, have won the title since then.

No one from Miami, by the way, has ever been crowned Miss America in the 93 year history of that pageant. Five different women from the Detroit area, though, including Kirsten Haglund, have won that title.

Now, I know what everyone at Travel and Leisure must be thinking at this moment, "beauty pageants alone aren't effective way of measuring the attractiveness of a city's population."

They're right in such an argument, which is why I won't stop at beauty pageants. The women of Detroit, after all, have a lot more to offer than just that.

Alexa Spierling is a country singer/songwriter whose Mom grew up in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit. She has an amazing voice that has thrilled audiences from around the country.

She is also as attractive as can be. If anyone doubts me, the music video for her song "Walk Away" is available below. It gives one three minutes, 44 seconds of opportunity to realize how beautiful Alexa Spierling looks and sounds.

And she lives in the Detroit area.

Shall I continue?

Tania Marie Caringi - Photo by Scott Spellman,
Hair & make up by Elia Liz
Yes, I think I will continue.

After all, there are so many attractive people in Detroit it would seem like a shame not to mention a few more more them.

Tania Marie Caringi is a friend of mine who just happens to be a model and actress. She has worked throughout the United States and in Europe. As part of her modelling work, she is currently the face of LuLu Cosmetics.

She was also named the most beautiful woman in the world by MODE Lifestyle. Quite frankly, I have a certain amount of trouble disagreeing with them on this one.

And, yes, Tania Marie Caringi lives right here in Detroit with a lot of other beautiful people.

Of course, neither MODE Lifestyle nor I are the only ones to recognize how attractive Detroiters are. There are even those who have used this beauty in their commercials.

Actually, there are a lot of companies that have used Detroit in their commercials. Those commercials have ranged from the Super Bowl spots to regional ones.

One of my favorite ones was when the folks at Fiat teamed up with Jenny Bauer to create a commercial for the Fiat 500, which showcases the beauty of both Detroit and her residents. The result is nothing short of spectacular, in my opinion.

Oh, and speaking of Jenny Bauer, here is another video that is just her being an unattractive woman from Detroit. It was created by Jerome Duran of Mediatropics. It's probably not safe for work - but it is awesomely sexy.


And then there is another woman whose photograph has previously appeared on this blog back in 2012 to celebrate the founder of Detroit, Antoine Cadillac.

Elizabeth Grutza is another friend of mine. She is a model, actress, bartender, and all-around awesome person.

Elizabeth Grutza - Photo by David Yee
She also lives in Detroit where she seems determined to refute the claim that Detroiters are unattractive. (Seriously, her and her fiance Brian are two of the most beautiful people anyone could ever hope to meet.)

And here's the thing, Travel and Leisure readers, these are just a small sampling of attractive Detroiters; one that is based on images that I could get the rights to publish in under five minutes. If I spent a little bit more time, I could produce photographs and video of hundreds of thousands of beautiful Detroiters.

Of course, one could also make the argument that the folks at Travel and Leisure did me a huge favor by proclaiming Detroit to be home of the most unattractive people in the nation. Surveys like that, after all, do keep the number of people flocking to Detroit down a bit.

That, in turn, means that I'm able to keep more of the beautiful women of Detroit to myself.

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