Thursday, July 31, 2014

Duggan endorses Santana for state house

Mayor Mike Duggan endorsed incumbent State Representative Harvey Santana in his final re-election bid for the 9th District of Michigan House of Representatives. The primary election for this race is this coming Tuesday. Santana is opposed by newcomer Hussein Barry who is apparently basing his entire campaign on attacking without mentioning what he would do differently.

During his tenure this far, Santana has worked to address issues such as abandoned homes, squatters, and blight. He was also pivotal in getting a $330,000 allocation for Brennan Pools in Rouge Park as well as restoring funding for Detroit's Hutzel Women's Hospital.

If re-elected, this will be Santana's third term in the Michigan House of Representatives. He will not be eligible for forth term in that office due to term limits.

Detroit can be surreal

Detroit can be rather surreal at times. For example, I was at Tony V's Tavern in Midtown yesterday evening (photo of the place from my Instagram account is above). I spent some time reliving one of my more embarrassing moments with a couple of people that I haven't seen in years and then planned a series of fashion videos with one of those individuals.

And then I came home to Warrendale where I had to chase a neighbor's chickens out of my driveway so I could park my car.

The contrast between those two moments - within an hour and 10 miles of each other - just strikes me as surreal.

Friday, July 25, 2014

LED Streetlights coming to the Warrendale neighborhood

Contractors installing light poles - Photo by Frank Nemecek
Contractors from Detroit's Public Lighting Authority have been busy lately installing removing old streetlights and installing new ones. Their first step is to install a new pole for the lights.

Once that pole has had a chance to settle in the ground for a few days, they will install a new LED streetlight onto it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Open Letter to Jim Diamond (and everyone else downtown)

Downtown and Midtown Detroit are becoming expensive. They are becoming so expensive, in fact that Jim Diamond of Ghetto Recorders can no longer afford to operate there and is considering a move to the suburbs.

An article about this fact, by the way, is available from The Detroit News here.

That's a little sad because he is one of the creative pioneers who helped to make the rebirth of downtown possible.

However, if Jim Diamond or anyone else is interested, I can show them a bunch of really cool spaces in Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood on the far west side that would be a great spot for you.

Plus, you'll be closer to Gracie See Pizzeria, named the best traditional pizza in North America at the International Pizza Expo, as well as Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen, which is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. You'll also be closer to some shawarma that makes the stuff served downtown seem like left-over Chef Boyardee.

And when you need to burn off all of those calories, you'll also be closer to the largest park in Detroit - one that's bigger than Belle Isle, Campus Martius, Grand Circus, and Hart Plaza combined.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Brennan Pools Re-Open

Brennan Pools in Rouge Park re-opened today after having been closed for nearly two years. The pools were originally closed by former Mayor Dave Bing due to budget cuts.

The pools were able to restored and opened again thanks to $3 million fundraising campaign that was spearheaded by State Representative Harvey Santana and supported by the Speak of the House Jase Bolger. The largest donor to the cause was Lear Corporation, although a variety of other partners contributed as well.

The pools will be open for the rest of the summer every day from 12:30 p.m. until 8 p.m..