Monday, June 09, 2014

Guest commentary: Ricardo Moore, Police Commissioner

The following is a piece that was written by Ricardo R. Moore. He is the Police Commissioner for the District 7 in Detroit, which includes the Warrendale neighborhood.

Ricardo Moore campaigning in Warrendale - Photo by Frank Nemecek
As a police commissioner, I understand the role of checks and balances in respect to the Detroit Police Department. I also understand promoting peace and the long-term outcomes of doing such.

It’s important for us not to be reactionary to criticism but proactive to our thoughts and beliefs of a safer city. Moving the focus from the negative to the positive is needed.

In a lot of instances, leaders have programmed the citizenry for negativity: the violence, the robberies, the blood, the unsolved crimes. Pain is something everyone can relate to, and therefore, it’s served as a main course.

Currently, the Detroit Police Department is focusing on the positive aspects as opposed to the negative, more familiar headlines. A healthy, motivated and transparent DPD changes the community for the better.

A person feels safer when he or she senses the tone of their environment changing (streetlight repairs, blight removed, potholes fixed, visible leaders in the community). This tone is set from managers who control resources.

Leaders should always accent the positive, while also safeguarding lives and property.

I challenge every leader in southeast Michigan to put personal agendas aside and work for the betterment of our hometown, our city, our future.


Ricardo R. Moore
Police Commissioner
Detroit Police Department

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