Sunday, March 09, 2014

William Clay Ford passes away and internet erupts

Earlier this morning, it was announced that William Clay Ford passed away. He was 88 years old and the last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford.

He has been dead for less than 12 hours. No matter what else he was, William Clay Ford was someone's Dad, grandpa, and friend.

After reading my Facebook news feed and listening to talk radio, I have to ask: is it really too much to ask that we wait until after his funeral before ripping apart his legacy as owner of the Detroit Lions?

I mention this as a special commentary because, almost immediately after the news of Ford's passing became public, I have seen a steady stream of people making disparaging comment about it already. None of these people have added a single thing that hasn't been said hundreds of other times in hundreds of other places.

There will be plenty of time to comment on William Clay Ford and has tenure as owner of the Detroit Lions again after his funeral. For now, I submit that it's time for us to demonstrate that we as a community still have some semblance of humanity left.

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