Thursday, January 02, 2014

Detroiters are a special people

Hero - Illustration by Ben Smith
One of the things I love about living in Detroit is the people. We are a special breed. As a case in point, a few minutes ago I was out shoveling my snow and wondering why I haven't been down to visit any of my friends in Florida lately.

That was when I heard someone behind me call out, "Hey, Frank!"

I turned around to see my next door neighbor coming towards me with a snow blower. Without even being asked, he cleared away my sidewalk and driveway. As fast as I could say "thank you," he went on to take care of a 70 year-old widow how lives two doors down as well as the home of a firefighter who is on-duty for the next day or so. He also cleared the sidewalk in front of a couple of vacant homes.

Like I said, people like this make Detroit a place worth living in.

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