Thursday, November 14, 2013

Duggan seeks volunteers for transition

Volunteers - Image by Hokuto
Mayor-Elect Mike Duggan is asking for Detroiters to volunteer to help with his transition in 12 key areas.

Those 12 areas include ethics, where volunteers will review current ethics policies and recommend improvements as well as:
  • Public safety. This will cover Police Department, Fire Department/EMS and Homeland Security;
  • Health. This will include the Department of Public Health and the Institute for Public Health;
  • Information Technology. This will include infrastructural needs as well as the use of technology to improve city services;
  • Quality of Life. This will include recreation, senior services, child services, arts and culture, disabled persons and education;
  • Public Services. This will focus on the Water Department, Public Lighting, and the Department of Public Works;
  • Neighborhoods. This will focus on the new Department of Neighborhoods, district manager, abandoned property reclamation/demolition, code enforcement, and vacant lots.
  • Transportation. This will focus on the Detroit Department of Transportation as well as the People Mover, Regional Transit Authority, and the M-1 Rail Project;
  • Economic Development. This will deal with both downtown and neighborhood development as well as job creation and training programs, City Airport, business licensing and permits;
  • Finance (Budget and Purchasing). This will deal with financial reporting processes as well as revenue generation opportunities;
  • Human Resources/Labor Relations. This area will focus on job classifications, civil service, and labor-management processes.
  • Law Department. This will deal with both legal issues and human rights.
Those individuals who are interested in helping in any of these key areas are asked to visit the Transition Detroit website. That website is available here.

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