Friday, October 18, 2013

Dinner party at Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen

Gracie See Pizzeria - Photo by Frank Nemecek
For the past five years, I have invited people friends and fans of the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog to join me for a pizza party at Gracie See Pizzeria. Over the years, it has attracted hundreds of current and former Warrendale residents, elected officials and political candidates, as well as a multitude of visitors from other parts of Detroit and as far away as Ann Arbor.

All of this centered around award-winning pizza and some great conversations.

The only problem is that, no matter what night I schedule these monthly events on, there are always several people who tell me that they cannot make it due to a scheduling conflict. Therefore, I have decided to expand it with a second event at different location on a different night. My hope is that this will bring even more amazing people together for an evening of good food and laughter.

I will continue to host a monthly pizza party at Gracie See Pizzeria on the second Tuesday of each month. However, I am thrilled to announce that I will also begin hosting an evening of great Mexican food and informal conversations at Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen (18950 Ford Rd.).

Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen
The first one of these events will happen this coming Wednesday, October 23 at 6:30 p.m. Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen, of course, is located at the northeast corner of Ford Rd. and Artesian St., which is at the southern end of the Warrendale neighborhood along our border with Dearborn.

The staff at Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen have agreed to extend their their happy hour drink specials for this event. They will also create a special discounted dinner menu just for those who attend this event. We will be in a seperate part of the restaurant from their other patrons for the evening. The staff will be happy to show you exactly where we are as soon as you arrive, just tell them that you are there for the Warrendale Blog party.

Several people have already confirmed their attendance on this blog's Facebook page. I want to extend an additional invitation to everyone else, regardless of how you read this blog. Please join me for an evening a great Mexican food this coming Wednesday at Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen.

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