Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Special Assessment District for the Warrendale neighborhood

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Some of the other neighborhoods in Detroit are petitioning the City of Detroit to create a Special Assessment District. This would allow the neighborhoods to levy an additional tax on themselves, which they will be able to use for improved services. The neighborhoods that are asking for this currently include Brightmoor, Rosedale Park, Southwest, and University District.

Kevyn Orr and the Law Department have been largely unresponsive to this idea. They haven't rejected the idea, but aren't approving it either.

When I was president of the Warrendale Community Organization a few years ago, I pushed a similar idea. It was well-received at the time. My proposal at the time was:

  • $15 per year for a single family detached home that was owner occupied and the owner's primary residence;
  • $25 per year for a single family detached home that was rental property;
  • $30 per year for a commercial property and
  • $10 per year per unit for multi-unit residential property, such as a duplex or apartment complex.

If this had been enacted, it would have brought in approximately $300,000 in annual revenue. This would have enabled us to have our streets plowed during the winter. It would also have funded a team that would be responsible for issuing tickets to all of the bulk trash violators and then removing the piles of bulk trash at the owner's expense. It would have also been enough to provide for at least some additional police patrols in the area.

However, back then, there wasn't any kind of legislation at the state level that would have authorized such a thing. Therefore, my idea died out.

I'm glad to see this idea coming back. I hope the City of Detroit gives the voters of Detroit the chance to impose such as tax on themselves.

For all of current residents, assuming this became an option, how would you feel about something like this happening in Warrendale? Please your thoughts in a comment below or send me an email.

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