Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Residents receive bankruptcy notice

A formal notice was mailed to residents recently, informing them that the City of Detroit has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. District Court. Many residents of the Warrendale neighborhood have already received this notice and, presumably, residents of other neighborhoods have received it as well. A copy of the notice is embedded below.

The City of Detroit is required to send this this notice to all of of its residents as part of the bankruptcy process. If any resident wishes to object to this bankruptcy filing then, in accordance with this notice and the order from the court, he or she has until August 19, 2013 to file an objection with the court. Although, since the City's labor unions and creditors are already expected to file their objections, there really isn't much of a point in individual residents piling on additional objections, at least in my opinion.

The one part of this notice that I found to be at least someone disturbing is that it was mailed to all residents by a firm in California. This means that the City of Detroit, by and through its attorneys, hired a California-based firm to send this notice to everyone in Detroit. I'm quite confident that, if they had looked, they could have found a company in the Detroit area who could have done this job for them. Unfortunately, it does not appear that they bothered to look.

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