Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ServPro of Redford Caught Illegally Dumping in Detroit

Illegal Dumping in Warrendale - Photo by Frank Nemecek
The internet is a powerful thing. My latest favorite thing on the internet is MeetTheDumpers.com, which documents some of the people and companies who are illegally dumping trash in Detroit. The only article currently on the site is a case of ServPro dumping a large amount of trash in the Brightmoor neighborhood, which is north of Warrendale. However, I suspect it won't be long before more offenders are publicly shamed like them.

I can only hope that this deters others from dumping trash in the neighborhoods of Detroit and that it motivates Mayor Dave Bing to start enforcing the ordinances that are already on the books to deal with this. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of faith in either of those two things happening. More than likely, we'll have to wait until January when someone who actually cares about Detroit takes up residence in the Manoogian Mansion.

More on the ServPro illegal dumping story, as well as several photographs of it, at MeetTheDumpers.com

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Bradley Greene said...

What's great about this is how fast Serv-Pro rectified it...