Monday, June 24, 2013

Deactivated Facebook Account

Screen Shot of my Disable Facebook Account
Image by Some Guy Claiming to be "Frank Nemecek"

My personal Facebook account was deactivated this morning. It would appear that someone filed a claim with Facebook alleging that I'm not really Frank Nemecek of Detroit, Michigan. This also means that the Facebook page for this blog is also stuck in limbo since I'm the only administrator of it.

Needless to say, the whole thing is complete bullshit. I cannot prove it, but I strongly suspect that this was done by one of the politically powerful people that I have infuriated over the years or their respective minions. Unfortunately, that does leave me with a fair amount of suspects.

Regardless, I will recover from this momentary setback. I will regain full control of my Facebook account and the pages associated with it. More importantly, I will continue to be just as big of a pain in the ass to those who desire to exploit this community.

And, yes, while it will likely take a certain amount of time, I will find out who filed this bogus complaint against me with Facebook.

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