Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mayor Bing Might Run for Wayne County Executive

Mayor Dave Bing
Mayor Dave Bing confirmed this afternoon that he will not seek re-election. However, he did state that he was establishing an exploratory committee to consider a run for another office, such as Wayne County Executive.

Quite frankly, this was a smart move on his part. He is so unpopular with city residents at this point that he did not have a chance of even making it past the primary, let alone securing another four year term as mayor.

In contrast, he does have at least a chance at being elected county executive. Mayor Bing has always been much more popular with suburbanites than he ever has been with city residents. If he can gain enough support from our suburban neighbors, he has a shot against Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano.

That, however, will have to wait until 2014.

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