Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shaming People Into Picking Up Their Trash

Trash Pile is Gone - Photo by Frank Nemecek
I posted this past Tuesday about an individual in the Warrendale neighborhood who parked his car in front of a large trash pile on bulk pick up day, thereby preventing the Department of Public Works from picking up all of that trash. Since bulk pick up is only once every three months, this meant that the trash would sit there for months because of this individual's negligence.

I left a note on his windshield expressing my frustration and "encouraging" him to take that pile of trash to the dump himself. This must have had some kind of an impact because, as the photo above clearly shows, the large pile of trash has been removed.

I don't know if this person actually took it to the dump or did something else with it. I do know, however, that I won't have to look at it for the next three months.

With that solved, it's on to the next problem in the Warrendale neighborhood.

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