Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Crime in Warrendale: East vs West

Map Displaying Crimes Reported Near Warrendale
I have been following crime reports in the Warrendale neighborhood and the rest of Detroit for years. One of the trends that I have noticed is that crime is much more rampant in the area west of the Southfield Freeway than it is to the east of it.

It seems to be particularly concentrated in the one-square mile area bounded by Paul to the south, Tireman to the north, Southfield Freeway to the east, and Evergreen to the west. Crime exists west of the freeway and south of Paul, just at a lower level.

I don't know why crime is concentrated in this area. If anyone has any idea, please leave a comment below.

Update @ 10:05 p.m.
Several people have asked me where I got this image and crime data. Everything comes from CrimeMapping.com, which provides detailed crime statistics from jurisdictions around the country.

Also, one of the possible explanations for the east vs. west phenomena that has been suggested is that the Dearborn Police Department might be a crucial factor. Since Paul St. is the border between the cities of Detroit and Dearborn in the area east of the freeway, the Dearborn Police Department does a decent amount of traffic enforcement along Paul. However, they only do that east of the freeway.

I find myself wondering a great police presence from the Dearborn Police Department along that one road really can that big of an impact. It's probably a part of answer, at least. I cannot, however, think of a better explanation.

Again, if you can think of a reason why the east vs. west phenomena exists, please feel free to share it.

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