Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Pick for Emergency Manager of Detroit

According to published news reports, Governor Rick Snyder is having problems finding someone to take the job of emergency manager for the City of Detroit. I recommend that he offer the job to one of the reformers on City Council, like Gary Brown or Ken Cockrel.

They are elected, respected, and qualified. More importantly, for the past three years, they have pushed harder for reform than anyone in the Bing Administration.

As an added bonus, I don't think either of them actually wants the job. This makes them more likely to move in, fix things, and move on with their lives.

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Are you NUTS...

Gary Brown and Ken Cockrel for Detroit Financial Manager ????

Brown is self indulgent, selfish and power hungry, with his million$$$ he can push for EFM because he can afford it - and still afford a Mayoral Campaign in the future.
Brown as a DPD Police Executive failed to due anything to improve the DPD - he talks and talks but puts nothing on the table, to view and debate.

Ken Cockrel - OMG a COWARD !!!! He has failed to confront Mike Ilitch about the up to $12m - that Ilitch owes Detroit taxpayers for money he received for the maintenance and security of historic Detroit Tiger Stadium.
Cockrel told ME - 'that I will do everything I can to get the money (Ilitch) owes, back' ...Cockrel hasn't.

So think again...Detroit needs better than these two !!!