Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snark-Filled Detroit Thoughts for a Saturday

There are a multitude of things happening in the Detroit area that are never quite worthy of their own blog post. I thought I would compile my thoughts on each of them into one snark-o-licious post since I usually don't post on Saturdays.

Words to Save
Wayne State University - my alma mater, by the way - released their annual list of the top ten words that should be saved. These are useful, underutilized that they feel should be saved from the brink of extinction. Their list is available here.

Thoroughly Thawed
After the warmest year on record last year, the normal January thaw in Detroit that we are now experiencing could also set a new record. More details on this are available over on the Freep.

Personally, I wonder how much of this warming is a result of the buncombe and esoflage emanating from the troglodytes in the mawkish confines of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. (If you read the list of words that should be saved, you'll get these references.)

Selling Belle Isle
A developer offered to buy Belle Isle from the City of Detroit for $1 billion. Their plan is to convert the island park into a commonwealth that would succeed from the State of Michigan and adopt the most libertarian of policies.

Personally, I would like to see Mayor Dave Bing accept this proposal on the condition that they come up with a non-refundable deposit of 5% of the purchase price within 90 days. This would then give them an additional year to finish the rest of their financing. Since they likely won't be able to come up with the rest of the cash, this becomes an easy way to solve Detroit's budget problems.

Word from the NRA
On behalf of Wayne LaPierre and N.R.A. members across this great nation of ours, I would like to remind everyone that if convicted felons and illegal aliens aren't allowed to walk into a gun show and buy as many AR-15s as they want then this country has basically become Nazi Germany.

If anyone tries to sully this sentiment with meaningless facts like that Germany had stringent anti-gun laws before Adolf Hitler came to power and that Hitler actually relaxed them, they are basically a socialist.

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