Friday, November 02, 2012

Voting Your Bank Account

This coming Tuesday is Election Day. I haven't posted very much this election cycle. Regardless, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with everyone. To start with, I would like everyone who reads this to take a close look at their respective bank statement.

Do you see a large deposit having been made into your account recently from DTE? I'm sure you've have a series of increasingly larger payment to DTE, but have they sent you a large amount of cash?

If not, I recommend that you vote yes on Proposal 3. It will caps our rate increases to no more than 1% (no matter what the scary commercials tell you) and it promotes clean energy.

Next, do you see a large check being deposited from Matty Moroun recently? If not, I recommend voting no on Proposal 6. It doesn't help anyone but him and those on his payroll.

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