Friday, November 23, 2012

The Next Coach of the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions lost another football game yesterday afternoon. This marks the 10th time in a row that they have lost on Thanksgiving.

One of the big factors in their loss today was a controversial Houston touchdown run by Justin Forsett in the 3rd quarter. One would think the officials would have seen his knee was down after the Lions tackled him well before getting to the end zone, but they did not, so it counted.

It also counted because Jim Schwartz, head coach for the Detroit Lions, threw the challenge flag when he shouldn't have.

This leads to one of the most profound ironies of my day. I realized this afternoon that, with the NFL being the way it is, the best possible coach for the Detroit Lions isn't a great strategist nor is it someone who can give great motivational speeches in the locker room. The best coach isn't even someone who knows a lot about football.

Instead, considering the way the NFL operates today, the best possible coach is probably a really good attorney. In the modern NFL, teams need to have lawyers standing by to make sure that every arcane rule is followed and that all of those rules work to their team's advantage.

And that's probably the saddest part of all.

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