Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Breaking Down the Ballot Proposals

Interior of the Michigan Capital - Photo by Frank Nemecek
 David Baschal, a local activist and resident of Detroit's nearby New Center neighborhood, sent me his breakdown of the 6 ballot initiatives. The views here are his own.

For those who live in Michigan, here is a rundown of the state proposals with my peanut gallery comments.

Proposal 1 is about the recent changes to the Emergency Manager law. It keeps the law passed in 1990, but gets rid of the unlimited power that recent changes gave to EMs. Vote "no" unless you like totalitarian rule.

Proposal 2 restores collective bargaining rights that state laws have taken away. Vote "yes" to restore those rights.

Proposal 3 increases renewable energy to 25% by 2025 and caps utility rate hikes to 1% per year - oil and energy companies are against it. Vote "yes" if you like to breath clean air.

Proposal 4 allows home healthcare workers to organize, requires background checks for them, and preserves patients' rite to hire who they want. Vote "yes" to protect home healthcare consumers and workers.

Proposal 5 requires 2/3rds majority for any tax change; it is financed by Manny Maroun; it would allow just thirteen state senators to commandeer the senate. Vote "no" if you like democracy.

Proposal 6 requires a vote for any international bridge to be built. Canada has agreed in writing to pay for the new bridge and all cost overruns. Canada money will count as Michigan's money spent on infrastructure that the U.S. Government matches. That money will be spent on other infrastructure projects (roads, overpasses, etc.) within Michigan. Vote "no" unless you want to protect a billionaire’s monopoly of an international crossing.

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