Wednesday, November 07, 2012

5 Best Tweets from Election Day

Yesterday was Election Day and, across the Twittersphere, people made their observations of the day known to the world. 31 millions of comments were made, which smashed all of the records. Below are my picks for the 5 best tweets from Election Day 2012.

Jerry Paffendorf from Detroit's nearby Corktown neighborhood leads off my picks with his commentary on the stickers they were handing out at the polls.
 Mike Monteiro offered a simple observation for those who were stuck waiting to vote in long lines across America.
Democratic political consultant Joe DiSano offered this reaction to some of the Republican commentators that he saw on the airwaves late last night/early this morning.
Tiffany Boyte, however, offered a more down to Earth take on this election right before she went with her family to cast a ballot for Governor Mitt Romney.
Of course, my absolute favorite tweet of the day came from David Kurtz of
It always amazes me how much wit and wisdom some people are able to cram into 140 characters. My thanks go out to each of these individuals for sharing their thoughts with the world.

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