Monday, October 29, 2012

New Reality Web Series Offers Job Seeking Advice

A new reality web series has launched entitled How Do I Get Hired?. The captain of this career boot camp is Therese Marie, an on-air career consultant for The Job Shop on Detroit Fox 2 News. She has 20 years experience in Human Resources and creditable career coaching.

On this show, 5 troops enter the camp to improve, research, and evaluate their lives. Set in the Detroit area, the series will shed a positive light on the city of Detroit and will bring relief for job seekers in this rough economy. Therese is coaching a cast of five individuals that need and want her career counseling services.

These cast members include:

  • Dave: A blue collar worker struggling with family and financial issues, since his buyout;
  • Jessica: A stay at home mom and social worker;
  • Monica: An unemployed manager;
  • Takara: Striving to regain financial independence and to stop feeling like a charity case; and
  • Travis: A college graduate who is wrestling with constant job rejection.

This life changing show provides a message that is positive and relatable. Embark on the journey with the captain and her troop as they set out to find new opportunities awaiting them.

Watch as they uncover life changing values. See if they will earn their stripes. Witness their journey. You too, can get the answers to the question, “How Do I Get Hired?”

I recommend this show is your Warrendale Tip of the Week.

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