Friday, June 22, 2012

Chicago Alderman Worries About Becoming Detroit. He Has Nothing to Worry About

The Chicago Sun-Times published an article about a road rage shooting that may or may not have been gang-related. In it, was a quote from an unnamed Chicago alderman who worried about his city "becoming Detroit."

From the article (complete with an uncorrected spelling error):
When you start having that [violence] in a place where people generally feel safe, that’s when we start becoming Detroit,” said one alderman, who asked to remain annonymous.
There are several points about this that concern me.

I'll start with the fact that The Chicago Sun-Times published an article with the word "anonymous" misspelled. I simply hope that journalists in Detroit will be able to take a break from their Pulitzer Prize acceptance speeches to send their counterparts in the Windy City a dictionary. Mistakes like that one make everyone look bad.

Second, you know a thought is a really stupid one when a Chicago alderman doesn't want his name associated with it. Quite frankly, the only problem most Chicago politicians have with narcissistic personality disorders is that they aren't named after one of them.

Finally, I have to ask: how in the world can someone from the city that made gangland shootings famous worry that one more shooting means Chicago is "becoming Detroit"?

Don't worry, Chicagoans. You have a long way to go until you reach Detroit status.

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