Monday, April 30, 2012

Simple Math Can Save Detroit

"The Simply Math That Can Save Cities From Bankruptcy" by Emily Badger found its way into my in-box about three weeks ago. It originally appeared The Atlantic, but I was in the midst of both tax season at one of my jobs and planning the relaunch of this blog. I didn't get around to it until today. However, I think she raises a lot of good points that are useful in cities like Detroit that have been struggling for decades.

Her main focus is that the adaptive reuse of buildings can create more population density, improve the overall urban fabric, and generate more tax revenue for cities. In Detroit, we have plenty of large, vacant buildings that can be rehabbed in much the way that Ms. Badger discussed in her article. In the Warrendale neighborhood, besides lots of single family detached homes, we have one vacant apartment complex, several vacant commercial buildings, and a few vacant school buildings that await redevelopment.

I recommend taking a moment to read Ms. Badger's commentary here.

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