Monday, April 30, 2012

India vs. Russia at the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog

Stock Photo of Moscow by Ugur Can
The Warrendale (Detroit) Blog has been getting a lot of traffic from Russia and India over the past week. I usually get a half dozen or so such visits per day. However, for these past few days, I've seen more than 100 visitors from each country.

According to Google Analytics, a decent amount of my Russian traffic seems to come from the Russian search engine I'm not sure what my Russian visitors are searching for when the find me there. However, that search engine has sent me a decent amount of traffic lately.

It's not clear why there has been a spike in traffic from India, except that it's coming from a variety of search engines and referral sites with users as far south as Karnataka and as far north in India as north as New Delhi; from West Bengal to Gujarat in eastern India.

Anyway, I'm an irreverent smart ass as well as a pervert. As a result, there's a part of me that wants to commemorate this new trend by creating a video with a Russian woman and an Indian one Jell-O wrestling. This match, of course, would be won by whichever nation sent me the most unique visitors by the end of the month.

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