Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Protesters Disrupt the Financial Review Meeting

A group of protesters disrupted a meeting of the State's Financial Review Board this afternoon as they were considering whether or not to recommend an emergency manager be appointed for the City of Detroit. WDIV-TV has video of this meeting here. Quite frankly, I take this with a grain of salt - if not the whole damn shaker.

The first thing one has to keep in mind is that these "protesters" are all adults under the age of 65, yet they are available to go chant and sing at a meeting on a weekday afternoon. This, of course, is the time when most adults would be at work; not protesting at a meeting.

The other thing that one should keep in mind is that at least some of them have been paid by the kleptocracy to show up at these meetings and perform these antics. It's not uncommon for individuals or companies who have lucrative contracts with the current administration to pay someone a few dollars to join in for protests like this.

Those "protesters", therefore, hardly represent the true will of the people of Detroit.

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