Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Housing Prices Up 32% in Detroit's Warrendale Neighborhood

Houses in Detroit's Warrendale Neighborhood
I was going over a list of houses sold in the Warrendale  neighborhood recently and prices paid for them. The exciting news is that the average sale price for homes in our area has gone up 32% in the past two years.

Prices are still much lower than they were prior to the beginning of the mortgage crisis. Regardless, the fact that they have climbed that much in spite of the problems that Detroit has is encouraging.

Just imagine what would happen if some of Detroit's problems were solved.

Therefore, my Featured Place to Live for this week is, well, everywhere. With this kind of improvement in the market, there really aren't any bad options.

Fear not, dear readers, I will be back next with a specific home in the neighborhood to recommend to you. Until then, I'm just too happy about the overall market.

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