Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polish Rock Sensation Comes to Detroit

Since the Warrendale neighborhood still has a decent number of Polish Americans, and because the bands in question are just freaking awesome, I wanted to mention that the Polish rock/pop group Feel is coming to the Detroit area. Feel has been a staple of the Polish radio air waves since 2007. They are on their second U.S. tour and are touting their new CD, feel-3. Everyone in attendance at the Friday, February 24, 8:00 p.m. rock showcase at the PNA Concert Hall in Hamtramck will get a complimentary copy of their CD.

This, by the way, will be the first time Feel will play in the Detroit area.

Magda Kaminski
There will also be three other Polish pop-rockers who will open for Feel. Opening acts of Marcin Kindla, Sebastian Riedel, and Detroit favorite Magda Kaminski will warm up the crowd.

Tom Czuprynski, one of the two promoters for this show, touted the popularity and unique pop sound of Feel.  He added with enthusiasm, “The whole night will be about great music and there will be a lot of it.”

Rafal Nowakowski, the other promoter for this show, added, “We brought Magda Kaminski on the bill because she is so popular in Detroit and we wanted attendees to get an added-value bonus. Magda will do cuts from her Who I Am CD.  Feel has such a great following and lead singer Piotr Kupicha is just so giant in Europe. They have a popular sound and this will be so special for Detroit.”

Feel had their big breakout in 2007 after winning the famed Sopot International Song Festival in Poland. Their biggest hit to date has been “And When the Dusk Comes” which still tops the charts. PNA Concert Hall, 10211 Conant Avenue, Hamtramck, MI 48212. Tickets are only $40 and are available by calling 313-530-0209.

Feel members are Piotr Kupicha (lead vocals and guitar) as well as Łukasz Kożuch (keyboard), Michał Nowak (bass), Michał Opaliński (percussion), and Paweł Pawłowski (guitar).

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