Monday, February 20, 2012

My Charles Pugh Rant

City Council President Charles Pugh is hosting a Call to Action this coming Wednesday on the campus of Wayne State University, with the stated goal of getting Detroiters to commit to 10,000 new volunteer hours in Detroit. Quite frankly, I'm a little frustrated with this.

I'm getting annoyed with city officials calling on residents and others to volunteer. Seriously. What the hell do do these people think has kept this town afloat for the past several years?

It sure as hell wasn't anything that President Pugh, or any of our other elected officials, have done that's for sure.

While the City Council was making vague, unspecified cuts to the City of Detroit's budget - and leaving it to Mayor Dave Bing to figure out the details - ordinary Detroiters were not only offering him specific suggestions on how those cuts could be implemented, but picking up trash and cutting grass at vacant lots.

While the City Council - and Mayor Bing, for that matter - were busy not responding to said suggestions for improving our budget, ordinary Detroiters were busy cleaning up parks and securing homes that were vacant and open to trespass.

While the City Council and Mayor Bing were busy cutting services and trying to extract another round of concessions from the unions so that politically connected vendors and high ranking employees wouldn't have to suffer, ordinary Detroiters were clearing flooded streets, mentoring children, deterring crime, and generally keeping this city afloat.

While President Pugh is calling on Detroiters to volunteer even more, I would like to call on everyone on the upper floors of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center to do their jobs or resign.

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